WM-G30 gas burner WM-G10 gas burner WM-L30 oil burner

Weishaupt's outstanding reputation for quality is built on the back of its monarch® series burners. The current range is equipped with the latest digital technology.

Outstanding price/capacity ratio: Digital technology, modular construction, and the latest combustion technologies make Weishaupt monarch® burners an all-round good investment.

Versatile: The burners fire hot water boilers, steam boilers, air heaters, and the latest heavy-duty plant at ratings ups to 11,000 kW.

Operator-friendly design: All components, such as for fuel and air regulation, are clearly arranged and readily accessible.

Particularly quiet operation: An innovative fan unit and the burner's aerodynamic internal construction minimises noise generation.

Simple, universal construction: All components have plugged connections. The burners can be hinged open to the left or right-hand side.

Suitable for bio-fuels: Weishaupt oil and dual-fuel burners are generally suitable for use with light fuel oil EL and low-sulphur fuel oil EL DIN 51603-1, light fuel oil EL/bio-oil blends (up to 10 % bio-oil) per DIN 51603-6, and light fuel oil EL A Bio 5 and 10

Future-proof: Digital combustion management enables communication with other systems, thanks to the integrated eBUS connection. This makes remote burner monitoring, setting, and diagnosis possible, as well as facilitating the integration of the burner with a building management system.

Special versions: Weishaupt develops and builds burners for almost any application - including vertical firing.

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